Telling The Story

Connecting Envision With The Community



We’re proud to partner with local mission-aligned organizations to help make our community more vibrant and equitable.

Partnership with NewsRadio 98.9 and 1070 WINA, Envision is a platform to have authentic and candid conversations about equity in the community, focused on economic mobility, wealth generation, and opportunities in education and health. Who is doing the work that you should know and what are their stories? What are the areas that need to continue to be addressed? What activity is there currently and what are some of the more promising initiatives in motion?

The show airs every Saturday morning at 7:30AM.


Explore the complex history of Charlottesville through this fun (and educational) coloring book. Print your own pages and share your art with us!


Unfiltered stories from Charlottesville residents to give a more honest view on equity in our community. What’s working? What isn’t? What are the variety of lived experience of those who call Charlottesville home and what needs to be done to make them more equitable?